Testimonial from Stormie Garza

My family doesn’t have to worry about financing my education while supporting my younger brothers back home. The Terry Scholarship has given my family peace of mind, even though I’m far from home.

Stormie Garza
Biomedical Engineering major
Harlingen, Texas

Testimonial from Hana Snell

Terry is more than just a scholarship, it is a family. You are able to fully achieve your goals because you have a group of people to support you.

Hana Snell
Pre-Communication Design major
Frisco, Texas

Testimonial from Dyamond Taylor

The Terry Scholars program does not only give you a scholarship to pay for your education. It has helped me get through college with less worries given the support from all the scholars and alumni, and has made me feel right at home as a transfer student.

Dyamond Taylor
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management major
Tyler, Texas

Join our family of scholars. The prestigious Terry Scholarships help future leaders of Texas achieve their academic goals. These competitive scholarships cover all educational costs for freshmen and transfer students so you can focus on your educational and personal success and graduate debt-free.

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